Getting to Rabble: Rabble is located a block from the accessible Maylands train station. There are ACROD parking bays in the carpark beside Henry on Eighth (private carpark) and behind the Australia Post (off Greenslade Lane). Other parking is available on Eighth Avenue, the private carpark next to Henry on Eighth, or behind the Australia Post.

Access into the shop: Rabble has a ramp at the front entrance, the narrowest part (the bottom 5cms of the entryway) is 79cm wide and navigating the shop involves spaces at least that wide.

Access to the Rabble Garden for functions: For events in the Rabble Garden and courtyard, access is either through the shop or the carpark via Greenslade Lane. The lane is bitumened but the carpark is compacted sand and gravel. The courtyard itself is paved. Should you need to enter the shop from the back, there is a ramp at the back entrance but narrower access through to the shop floor - 68cm wide doorways. Access around the lane way and up Eighth Avenue to the front of the shop is also possible and we'll always be happy to accompany you around that way!

Toilet facilities: Rabble does not have a public toilet, but the staff toilet is available in emergencies and during events. The Rabble staff bathroom is a small cubicle toilet and not accessible for wheelchair users. There is an accessible public bathroom down the road, across from The Woodfired Baker. Let us know if you need directions and we can accompany you there and back. Henry on Eighth across the road also has accessible bathrooms that we can use when they are open.


If you have any other access questions or any info you would like us to add, please email us at rabble[AT]